November 29, 2021
Shahid Sadoughi Yazd University of medical Siences

A miscarriage can be absolutely soul crushing for those who experience that loss. When one miscarriage is heartbreaking enough (yet sadly not uncommon), multiple, recurrent miscarriages can start to feel like something of a horrible nightmare that stays on a constant loop of repeat. Of all pregnancies, 15-20% end in miscarriage; 75% of these in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined by the loss of two or more clinical pregnancies.

Multiple miscarriages happen in 15-20% of pregnancy and shockingly early losses that occur before a missed period, range from 30-50%. The stats aren’t over yet, there is more to this. In women who have a history of two or more previous losses, the risk of yet another miscarriage increases to about 40%. In total, that’s about 5% of women who will have at least 2 consecutive miscarriages while only 1% experience 3 or more. This is why it is so important that if you or your partner has had 2 losses or more you should talk to your doctor or an infertility specialist ASAP who can begin looking into the possible miscarriage causes.

According to importance of subject and considering the need of Yazd Institute of Reproductive Sciences to expand research in this field and provide solutions in reproductive health, and aiming to improving fertility health services; after several years of effort and follow up finally, Abortion Research Center affiliated with Yazd Institute of Reproductive Sciences, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Health Services was established on 13 / 5 / 2013.

The center is headed by "Dr. Nasrin Ghasemi". She is pleased to announce that there are currently many projects conducted in different fields of infertility and RPL in Iran According to the mission of Yazd Institute of Reproductive Sciences, this center has provided clinical and basic research projects in the field of reproductive genetics. Currently, Abortion Research Center is active in a variety of clinical and research fields including:

In clinic:

1.     Genetic counseling for infertility and recurrent miscarriage

2.     Counseling before marriage and before pregnancy

3.     Counseling on gender ambiguity

4.     Advice on pre-implantation genetic testing

5.     Perform cytogenetic (Karyotyping)

6.     Molecular cytogenetic tests (FISH-based testing)

7.     Molecular testing


In Research:

The overall purpose of the center in research field is training and conducting research in the field of male and female infertility and RPL with focus on reproductive genetic. Our main goal is to increase research capacity at national and regional levels. The aim of this center's activities is the creation of up to date knowledge and training skill and experienced researchers in the field of fertility and reproductive genetic with respect to ethical issues in research. Moreover, our goals are to set up new advanced techniques with application in clinic and research, expand partnerships with domestic and foreign research centers.

Main Goals:

1) Perform basic, applied and clinical research on recurrent miscarriage

2) Training of researchers in the field of Reproductive Genetic

3) National and international cooperation with research centers inside and outside the province and the country

4) Development of knowledge and communication with research and industry centers and production of wealth products.

5) Providing counseling, diagnostic and treatment services for patients with recurrent miscarriage and unsuccessful implantation

6) Increasing financial resources and capacities

7) Introducing the Center and its activities to the scientific community and stakeholders


Address: Buali Ave., Safaeyeh,Yazd, Iran  89195-999  I.R. Iran
Tel: +98 (35) 38247085 (258)
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