June 28, 2022
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َAbout us

About Us

The Biotechnology Lab in Yazd Research and Clinical Center for Infertility started its activities in 1996 with the purpose of achieving research objectives in the field of biology. This lab consists of four main parts: main hall, operating room, cell culture room and experimental animal house.

Main Hall

The major facilities of Biotechnology Lab are available in the main hall for educational and research activities. The main activities of this part include: freezing and unfreezing, IVF/IVM in mice, analyzing samples of animal sperms and eggs and so forth.

Operating room

This part is responsible for all activities directly related to experimental animals including general surgery on rats and mice, determining the sexual cycle in female rats, gavage and injection, vasectomy, ovariectomy, tubectomy, transfer, blood extraction and so on.

Cell Culture Room

Since cell culture is now considered as one of the most useful techniques in biological sciences, the Cell Culture Room in Biotechnology Lab is equipped with modern facilities for culturing cell lines, IVF/IVM, sperm analysis, transfer and so on.

Experimental Animal House

This place is for keeping and breeding BALB/c mice, Syrian hamsters and Wistar rats under standard conditions.

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