July 5, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi Yazd University of medical Siences

The educational activities of ART Research Laboratory include:

§  Oocyte and Embryo Vitrification

§  In-Vitro Maturation of Immature Oocytes

§  Vitrification of Human Sperm

§  Human Semen Analysis

§  Sperm Function Tests

§  Quality Control Tests (Human Sperm Assay and Microbial Testing)

§  Reproductive Potential Test

§  Training ICSI (Injection of Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm into Oocyte)

Staining at ART Research Laboratory:

§  SCD Test for Investigating the Level of Human Sperm Fragmentation

§  Oocyte and Embryo Staining by Hoechst Test, PI, Trypan Blue and Giemsa Stain

§  Hoechst Staining to Investigate the Apoptosis of Granulosa Cells

§  Trypan Blue Staining to Study the Viability and Count of Granulosa Cells

§  Papanicolaou and Giemsa Staining to Study the Morphology of Sperm

§  Eosin-Nigrosin Staining to Study the Viability of Sperm

§  Investigating the quality control of equipment in the ART Research Lab via MEA and HAS tests

§  Investigating the effects of mobile phone radiation (Sony Ericsson) on the fertility potential and human sperm DNA

§  Investigating the effects of DNA fragmentation and PESA samples on semen parameters

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