June 28, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi Yazd University of medical Siences


The Genetics Consultation Clinic offers the following services:

Assessing the patient, couple or family's subjective impression on the reason for referral to a genetic counselor

Explaining the reasons of genetic disorders for the counseled individual or couple

-Drawing the pedigree to include at least 3 generations

-Reviewing all medical records

-Evaluating environmental factors on life-style and work

-Assessing the parents' reproductive history

-Describing the diagnosis, inheritance, prognosis and treatment of genetic disorders

-Describing the required testing for early diagnosis of disorders in current pregnancy or in children born in the future, or other family members who may have a genetic problem

-Providing adequate protection from the counseled individual or couple in order to help them make the best decision by using the information received from the genetic counselor and considering their family, religious and social conditions



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