September 24, 2021
Shahid Sadoughi Yazd University of medical Siences

Cell biology department: There are two cell culture labs in this department with three class II microbiological safety cabinets, one centrifuge, two inverted microscopes, two dissecting microscopes and four incubators. In these labs the cell culture parts of the projects such as Isolation, derivation, expansion and differentiation of the stem cells are performed.

So far, 7 new human embryonic stem cell lines (hESCs;Yazd1-7) were derived in this center and characterized. Moreover, mesenchymal cells such as human foreskin fibroblasts (YhFFs) were isolated and expanded and used in different stem cell and tissue engineering projects. Also, other mesenchymal cell types were produced by the center such as testicular derived mesenchymal cells, skin derived precursor cells, keratinocytes, hESCs derived MSCs, human dental pulp MSCs.


Some services of this department

1-    Training cell culture, freezing and defreezing

2-    Preparing different medium for culture, freezing and defreezing

3-    IF staining, IF photography by fluorescent microscope

4-    Expansion and delivery cells

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