April 7, 2020
Shahid Sadoughi Yazd University of medical Siences
Master of Science in Medical and Molecular Genetics

The Master of Science in Medical and Molecular Genetics is an independent degree and not required as a prerequisite for the Medical and Molecular Genetics doctoral degree. Candidates planning to apply for the MS degree program must have a bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA. Common undergraduate degrees include biology, biochemistry and life sciences. Courses in genetics, biochemistry and biology are recommended. The GRE general exam is required; a subject test is not needed.


A minimum of 30 credit hours of approved courses, including no more than seven hours of research. At least 20 hours must be taken in Medical Genetics or approved equivalents, with grades of B or better, including at least four of the following five courses: Basic Human Genetics (Q580), Clinical Genetics (Q610), Molecular and Biochemical Genetics (Q612), Human Cytogenetics (Q620) and Population Genetics (Q630).

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