مقالات 2010 تا 2014

گزيده اي از برخي مقالات ISI  به ترتيب حروف الفباي فاميل نويسندگان از سال 2010 تا 2014


گزيده مقالات ISI سال 2014


Ali-Hassan-Sayegh S, Mirhosseini SJ, Liakopoulos O et al. Posterior pericardiotomy in cardiac surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis. Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann. 2014.

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گزيده مقالات ISI   سال 2013

Akrami Mohajeri F, Ahmadi Z, Hassanshahi G et al. Dose Ramadan Fasting Affects Inflammatory Responses: Evidences for Modulatory Roles of This Unique Nutritional Status via Chemokine Network. Iranian journal of basic medical sciences. 2013;16:1217-1222.

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Mirhosseini SJ, Forouzannia SK, Nasirian M et al. N-acetylcysteine instead of theophylline in patients with COPD who are candidates for elective off-pump CABG surgery: Is it possible in cardiovascular surgery unit? Saudi journal of anaesthesia. 2013;7:151-154.

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Specific clinical diagnoses may be small visible parts of huge icebergs. Journal of Case Reports in Practice. 2013;2:24-26.

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گزيده مقالات ISI  سال 2012

Abdollahi MH, Forouzannia SK, Bagherinasab M et al. The effect of ondansetron and meperedin on preventing shivering after off-pump coronary artery bypass graft. Acta medica Iranica. 2012;50:395-398.

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گزيده مقالات ISI  سال 2011

Behjati M, Mirhosseini SJ, Hosseini SH et al. Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defect with Amplatzer Device in Children and Adolescents: Short and Midterm results; an Iranian Experience. Iranian journal of pediatrics. 2011;21:166-172.

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Forouzannia SK, Abdollahi MH, Mirhosseini SJ et al. Clinical outcome and cost in patients with off-pump vs. on-pump coronary artery bypass surgery. Acta medica Iranica. 2011;49:414-419.

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Mirhosseini SJ, Forouzannia SK, Sayegh AH et al. Effect of prophylactic low dose of methylprednisolone on postoperative new atrial fibrillation and early complications in patients with severe LV dysfunction undergoing elective off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery. Acta medica Iranica. 2011;49:288-292.

 Radmehr H, Forouzannia SK, Bakhshandeh AR et al. Relation between preoperative mild increased in serum creatinine level and early outcomes after coronary artery bypass grafting. Acta medica Iranica. 2011;49:89-92.


گزيده مقالات  سالISI  2010

Forouzannia SK, Abdollahi MH, Mirhosseini SJ et al. Endovascular treatment of aortobronchial fistula secondary to coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). Acta medica Iranica. 2010;48:130-132.

Forouzannia SK, Abdollahi MH, Mirhosseini SJ et al. Klebsiella pneumoniae pseudoaneurysm of the ascending aorta after coronary artery bypass graft. Acta medica Iranica. 2010;48:200-202.

Varastehravan H, Nough H, Ansari Z. Management of iatrogenic rupture of profunda femoris artery after femoral fracture fixation with stent graft implantation. The journal of Tehran Heart Center. 2010;5:42-44.

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