August 16, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Research Priorities

Research Priorities of Emergency Medicine Ward

1. Investigating the impact and prognosis of patients who are treated with common anesthetics in the emergency room.

2. Checking the prognosis of patients who undergo CPR in the emergency room and its principles in the emergency room.

3. Examining the status of triage in the Emergency Ward of the hospital and determining the prioritization of patients based on the principles of triage EST4 and determining its impact on Emergency Ward performance.

4. Monitoring patients with Covid-19 referred to the emergency room (checking the prognosis of inpatients and outpatients).

5. Monitoring of multiple-trauma patients referred to the emergency room with the quality of the radiographs performed, correlation between graphs and CT scans performed (prognosis of patients with head trauma, spinal trauma, vertebrae, comparing the quality of ultrasound performed in the Emergency Ward with the Radiology Ward, prognosis of children with wounds that have been anesthetized and treated with anesthetics in the emergency room)
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