August 16, 2022
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Missions and Goals

Ward Mission and Goals

The Mission of the Emergency Medicine Ward

Education and training of tactful, knowledgeable, capable, and committed forces in different areas of this field and at different educational levels (residency, general medicine: stager and internship, associate and BS degrees in emergency medicine, etc.)


Goals of Emergency Medicine Ward

1. Training emergency medicine residents based on the relevant curriculum and obtaining at least two national ranks in the board exam per year.

2. Training general medicine students in the relevant curriculum and empowering them to the extent that they achieve at least 90% passing marks in the clinical competency tests and are successful in their careers at the community level.

3. Training emergency medicine students in associate and bachelor degrees according to the relevant curriculum and increasing the acceptance percentage of emergency medicine associate and undergraduate students, as well as increasing the acceptance rate of emergency undergraduate students in the master's exams.

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