July 6, 2022
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Guide for Clinets of Andrology Center

Guide for Clients of the Andrology Center

All couples referring to the Yazd Institute of Reproductive Sciences should keep in mind that in the first visit, the husband and the wife should complete a file, be visited, be examined and, if necessary, be treated. One of the first steps in diagnosing and treating infertile couples is to perform a diagnostic test for semen analysis. Therefore, to perform this test, refer to the center with preparation so that the appropriate interpretation of the test can be provided to you.


Preparation: This means doing the test between 1 to 7 days (1 to 2 days is more appropriate) after the last ejaculation. The necessary explanations for how to perform the test after admission and delivery of the sampling container will be given to you.

A. Off-center tests are not accepted.

B. If a person has performed tested at least twice previously and the result is azoospermia (without sperm), there is no need to repeat the test in the center.

C. If IVF has been performed twice or more previously and the result is not successful, and in cases where the pregnancy has led to abortion in any way (2 or more times), the patient is first visited by a doctor and then tested because a specialized and complementary test is needed.  The test result is ready the day after sampling, so you need at least two days to visit this center. The specialized and complementary test of part C requires more time for the result. The test can be done every morning from 7:30 to 11 and in the evening from 13:30 to 16. After preparing the results, you will be visited and treated by the clinic doctor and the process of continuing treatment will be explained to you. Men whose test results are azoospermic (without sperm) and who have been diagnosed at the institute or outside the center may need additional tests (hormonal and genetic) at the discretion of the treating physician. If these tests have already been performed, please bring the documents with you. If the treating physician determines that the patient should undergo surgery (varicocele, micro-TESE, etc.), the appointment will be determined by the operating room staff. Prior to surgery, all necessary tests should be performed at your doctor's discretion, including genetic, hormonal, and antibody tests for AIDS, hepatitis B, C, and coronary artery disease. The above tests should be ready to determine the time of operation. The minimum required time is two weeks to 2 months.
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