July 6, 2022
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-Semen Analysis according to WHO guidelines (WHO 2010)

-Washing and separating sperm by Direct Swim up technique

-Evaluation of sperm count by homeocytometric and McLean chamber methods

-Evaluation of sperm motility by systematic and McLamber method

-Sperm morphology staining and staining by Diff-Quick method

-Sperm vitality test with Eosin-Nigrosing method

-Evaluation and determination of Anti-sperm antibody by Direct & Indirect MAR test

-Measurement of Reactive Oxygen Species

-Sperm Chromatin / DNA Tests using SDS-EDTA, SDS, Aniline blue, Toludine blue stains

and fluorescent dyes Chromomycin A3 Comet assay, Acridine orange, and reviewing

 Fluorescent microscopy, sperm DNA integrity test (SCD), chromatin health test                 Sperm (CMA3)

-Collection and retrieval of sperm by different methods (Sperm Retrieval Methods)

-Search for sperm in samples obtained from TESE, Microtese, PESA

-Performing sperm functional tests (Sperm Functional Tests)

-Measurement of semen biochemical factors (Semen Biochemical Markers)

-Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis

-Evaluation of sperm apoptosis using Anexin V, TUNEL assay and SCD test methods

-Carrying out hormonal and genetic tests in relevant specialized laboratories
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