May 18, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Educational Goals

Educational Goals

-Providing educational services to students of different academic fields.

-Improving the quality of education.

-Using teaching aids completely.

-Providing lesson plans and schedules.

-Proposing a periodic review of educational goals tailored to the needs of students in different disciplines so that it includes education, skills, and attitudes.

-Efforts to establish a doctoral course in microbiology.

-Quantitative and qualitative development of department laboratories and completion and updating of equipment.

-Completing the capacity of the recruitment ranks of the faculty members of the department.

-Interaction with basic and clinical science departments of schools and universities in Iran and the world.

-Conducting intra-department and extra-department conferences

-Holding national and regional scientific conferences.

-Lecturing in the training workshops of laboratory experts in the province.

-Participating and speaking in continuing education programs.

-Cooperating as supervisor of dissertations for students majoring in microbiology, medicine and dentistry.

-Presenting research projects in the fields of medical education.

-Participation of faculty members in training workshops in order to empower and update training methods.

-Teaching medical ethics to graduates.

-Working as thesis advisor for students of different levels.

-Establishing provincial branches of Iranian scientific associations.
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