May 25, 2022
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Theses and Dissertations

List of Defended MSc Theses



Student’s name

Thesis title



Farzaneh Falahati

Evaluation of dosimetry accuracy of prowess 3D treatment design software in IMRT treatment using dosimetry film method

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Milad Najafzadeh

Evaluation of Monam Carlo BEAMnrc treatment design capability in thoracic radiotherapy and comparison of results with commercial prowess treatment design software and experimental data

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Amin Asadi

Investigation of scattered doses of radiation outside the radiation field using a flattening filter and without using a flattening filter in the Oncor linear therapeutic accelerator by Monte Carlo simulation method

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Forough Nik Eqbal

Evaluation of position accuracy of multi-leaf collimators using EPID and EBT3 radio chromic film in Oncor linear accelerator in Shahid Ramezanzadeh Radiotherapy Center of Yazd


Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Razzaq Abedi

Comparison of dose distribution in delta4 phantom and EBT3 chromium gap film in the treatment of lung cancer in highly modified IMRT radiation therapy

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Yousof Moqimi

Evaluation of cumulative dose resulting from routine CT scan tests in some hospitals affiliated to Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zare’


Noor-Al-Din Abdi Qooshbolagh

Investigation of the effect of radiation protection of sodium oxide nanoparticles (CONPS) on irradiation to MCF-7 and MRC-5 cells with X-ray X-rays

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zare’


Hassan Vafapour

Estimation of skin input dose due to five digital radiographic and analog cancer risk tests obtained from these tests in Boyer-Ahmad city

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zare’


Mahmood Baqeri

Patient-specific dosimetry in Monte Carlo GATE code for imaging children with Tc-DMSA radiopharmaceutical

Dr. Ali Asghar Parach


Sediqeh Taqizadeh

Estimation of Ovarian Absorbed Dose in Bone Scan by Radiopharm Injection of Tc-MDP99m by Specific Dosimetry Method Using MIRDOSE Monte Carlo Code and Comparison with GATE Software

Dr. Ali Asghar Parach


Mahdieh Qadimi

Comparison of patient absorption dose Evaluation of lower limb rotation by stereoradiographic imaging and CT scan by in vivo and in vivo

Performance of Voxel-Based Analysis in PETF-FDG Imaging to Evaluate Epileptic Brain Disorders

Dr. Ali Asghar Parach


Dr. Fathollah Boozarjomehri


Naghmeh Firoozi

Determination of mean thyroid absorption dose and evaluation of hypothyroidism following radiation therapy of head and neck malignancies by thermoluminescent dosimetry method in Shahid Ramezanzadeh Radiation Therapy Center, Yazd

Dr. Ali Asghar Parach


Samira Yazdani

Dosage estimation of effective organs and cancer risk due to a number of CT angiographic tests

Dr. Fathollah Boozarjomehri


Hossein Karimi

Evaluation and comparison of image quality in different digital radiography systems of educational and medical centers in Yazd province using Pehamed Fluorad 30A + D phantom

Dr. Ali Chaparian


Hanieh Kaheni

In vitro study of the effect of radiation protection of nanosystem containing thyme extract on human peripheral blood lymphocytes irradiated with ionizing radiation

Dr. Ali Chaparian

Dr. Nima Hamzian


Pegah San’ati

Evaluation of patients' absorbed dose in different catheterization methods in the heart center of Afshar hospital in Yazd

Dr. Nima Hamzian 



Fereshteh Omidvar

Comparison of opposite breast dose due to breast radiotherapy in two different radiotherapy techniques in Shahid Ramezanzadeh Radiotherapy Center, Yazd

Dr. Fathollah Boozarjomehri


Maliheh Rezayee

Evaluation of radiation protection effect of nanosystem containing rosemary essential oil on human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Dr. Fathollah Boozarjomehri


Parisa Zhayeen Tan

Effect of radiation protection of nanosystems containing peppermint essential oil on human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Dr. Nima Hamzian

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Zeinab Seyedi Sarhadi

Evaluation and comparison of PRONE method and use of physical shield in reducing the artifact caused by scattering and reducing the dosage rate

Dr. Nima Hamzian

Dr. Ali Shams


Neda Keshavarz

Dose rate around the patient in cardiac perfusion imaging spect

Dr. Ali Asghar Parach


Fatemeh Shirani

Determination and comparison of dosimetric parameters of IMRT 3D-CRT and Field in Field methods in breast radiotherapy using Provis software

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Samaneh Mostafapour

Quantification of SPECT TC-MDP spine images of patients with vertebral metastases and Standard Uptake of normal individuals by measuring Value and Activity concentration using MRI imaging

Dr. Ali Asghar Parach


Fatemeh Alavi

Evaluation of structural and visual features of breast tissue after intraoperative radiotherapy with boost dose compared to the opposite breast based on CT scan analysis using violet conversion

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zare’


Hamid Reza Masjedi

Estimating the effective dose of cumulative dose and cancer risk and determining the level of DRL diagnostic reference in five radiographic tests in Yazd city

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zare’


Amin Hassanvand

Evaluation of radiation sensitivity of tungsten oxide nanoparticles on human gastric cancer cell line in megavolt photons

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zare’


Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam


Faezeh Gholamian

Evaluation and comparison of two attenuation correction methods in quantification of Chang MRI-based images for brain trauma patients for standard brain SPECT anosmia with Activity concentration and Uptake Value methods

Dr. Ali Asghar Parach


Zahra Mo’meni

Evaluation and comparison of dosimetric properties of Semiflex 3D and micro Diamond detectors in relative dosimetry of small fields under 6 and 15 MV photon beams

Dr. Abolfazl Nik Farjam

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