October 5, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Career opportunities

Career Opportunities

This consists of training of human resources through the master's degree course in medical physics in order to gain the necessary capabilities in the relevant fields for professional careers in the departments (university centers), research and treatment of radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiology, centers under the Atomic Energy Organization surveillance such as nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, and sections related to the production of radiopharmaceuticals in order to:

-Dosimetry and radiation protection of diagnostic radiation devices, radiation therapy and radiation sources.

-In-vivo and in-vitro dosimetry and peripheral dosimetry.

-Technical advice when ordering and preparing diagnostic and radiation therapy devices and participating in their acceptance & commissioning tests and regular monitoring during installation and operation in the relevant departments.

-Study, research and cooperation in designing, manufacturing and improving diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory devices and techniques with a knowledge-based economics approach.

-Participating in the designing, implementation and evaluation of research projects, local, national and regional.

-Participating in study and research on the principles of theory and mathematical modeling of various diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

-Participating in the study and research on the effects of using different techniques on living things in order to achieve their effects on humans.

-Participating in the education of students, staff and radiologists and participating in the development of related educational texts.
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