May 25, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Dissection Hall & Corpse Fixation Equipment

Anatomy Hall and Corpse Fixation Equipment Salon

Type of activity: Educational-research

Laboratory manager: Mr. Abolqasem Abbasi

Expert: Mr. Hamidreza Baqeri

Description of the activity: This hall has been set up since the beginning of the department and includes the dissection hall and the corpse fixation section. In this place, dissection and autopsy training, practical teaching and corpse preparation are performed. This collection is used to fix the corpse by using various accessories such as injection pump, pond and corpse storage fridge. This hall has 6 dissection beds and a video system by which students can watch the dissection process through a video camera while the body is dissected, and it can afford 50 people.


Some Facilities/Equipment of the Hall

1. Corpse dissection bed

2. Electric saw

3. Manual saw

4. Fixator injection pump

5. Dissection Set

6. Perineal dissection bed

7. Suction

8. Sialetic

9. Pond

10. Cadaver fixation table

11. Steel washbasin


Students’ Hall Attendance Rules

Students' first professional encounter with the human body is training and working with the corpse, so it is necessary to pay attention to the following to attend the dissection room:

-In all sessions, full respect for the corpse is necessary and recitation of the Fateha is appropriate.

-Students ought to strictly avoid acts contrary to student etiquette in the dissection room.

-Confidentiality is one of the characteristics of a successful doctor. Be confidential about the features you see in corpses.

-Photography and filming is prohibited in the dissection room.

-The presence of students at the appointed time is mandatory.

-Justified absence in more than 2/17th sessions means not being allowed to participate in the final exam.

-Visitors are not allowed to enter without coordination with the person in charge of the hall.

-Shift-changing and participation of students in other practical teams is prohibited.

-In order to observe the hygienic principles, it is necessary to wear a white medical gown and close the buttons of the gown.

-Use gloves to touch the cadaver.

-The use of goggles is prohibited because the accumulation of formalin vapor behind the glasses is dangerous for the cornea.

-Eating and drinking in the dissection room is prohibited.

-Mobile phone use is prohibited during the practical class.

-Do not place your belongings on the path of the autopsy hall or near the corpse.

-In case of splashing liquid on face and eyes, rinse immediately with running water.

-It is recommended that women use a separate scarf and men use a disposable hat in the dissection room.

-Any incident in the dissection room must be reported to the dissection room manager.

-It is forbidden to take out different parts of the corpse, tools, equipment and atlases from the dissection room.
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