May 24, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Mission and Perspective

General Mission

1. Educational

The general mission is the efficient and essential education of medical anatomy science courses as one of the basic courses for different medical disciplines so as to equip professional and undergraduate students, after entering the clinical course and postgraduate students after graduation, with anatomical and histological structure.

2. Research

  This entails theoretical and practical training of research methods in various fields of anatomical sciences including anatomy and histology and medical embryology as one of the basic disciplines in medical sciences and conducting human and animal research in various fields of anatomical sciences including anatomy, tissue embryology and embryology based on regional and national priorities.

3. Manpower

This entails providing and training specialized and efficient personnel including faculty members, research experts and support forces to achieve the goals and missions of the Department of Anatomy Sciences.

Department’s Perspective

Anatomical Sciences Department will work with continuous efforts to purposefully develop anatomical science knowledge by considering national-regional and university policies and using advanced technologies and new educational and research methods to improve the quantity and quality of the department's educational and research level. It aims at becoming one of the leading departments in the field of anatomy in the country within the framework of the schedule.

In this regard, the perspective is defined in the following areas:

1. Number of faculty members.

2. Educational-research facilities of the department.

3. Non-faculty human resources.

4. Establishing new disciplines.

5. Setting up research centers.

6. Increasing the number of students and improving the quality of education at the existing and projected levels.

7. Setting up knowledge-based companies.

8. Receiving extracurricular assistance for educational and research affairs.

9. Holding workshops and retraining courses.

10. Participating in public health education.

11. Promotion of the faculty members of the department.

12. Upgrading the rank and educational-research position of the Anatomy Sciences Department in festivals.



1. Having committed, efficient and specialized faculty members with various orientations.

2. Having capable faculty members with a variety of work experiences.

3. Enjoying extensive research fields.

4. Having specialized postgraduate degrees.

5. Having interested and talented students.

6. Enjoying participatory management.

7. Enjoying empathy and high spirit of interaction and cooperation within the department and outside the department.

8. Having a strategic plan.

9. Proper benefit of intra-department and extra-department cooperation.

10. High number of articles published in prestigious national and international scientific and research journals.

11. Having the ability to accept tuition-paying and non-Iranian students.

12. Having the spirit of interaction with industries and knowledge-based centers.

13. Having interested and hard-working non-faculty personnel in the department.



1. Inadequacy of laboratory spaces.

2. Limitation of physical space.

3. Inadequacy of existing facilities with the capabilities of faculty members.

4. Limitation of research facilities.

5. Lack of an efficient system for educational and research support.

6. Disproportion between competencies and department support policies.

7. Uncertainty of educational and research credits of the department.

8. Lack of educational and research expert in the department.

9. Insufficient communication with industrial centers and knowledge base.

10. Insufficient communication with other universities inside and outside the country.


1. Positive attitude and view of the officials of the school and the university and the relevant ministry towards the goals of educational and research development of the department.

2. Material and spiritual support of the school and university officials for the educational and research priorities of the department.

3. Continuous call-for-service for faculty members at the university.

4. Positive coordination with school and university management.

5. Existence of basic sciences faculty members in the top management levels of the university.

6. Possibility of communication with foreign universities.

7. Existence of numerous research and knowledge-based centers in the country.

8. Predicting the quantitative and qualitative development of higher education and research in national development programs and macro documents.



1. Insufficient material and spiritual support of the school and university officials for the educational and research priorities of the department.

2. Inadequate management in allocating funds, purchasing and distributing equipment and educational and research facilities.

3. Lack of proper stability in macro policies regarding educational and research programs.

4. Impossibility of development planning.

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