May 18, 2022
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Rules and Regulations

Proposal Defense Steps


1. Completing the forms pertaining to thesis advisor, thesis supervisor, submission and approval of the dissertation title, application for a license with laboratory animals at: at School of Medicine; sending the primary thesis defense form to the person in charge of postgraduate studies ( one week before defense session.

2. E-mailing the final file of the proposal in pdf format to the postgraduate expert one week before the date of defense (E-mail address:

3. Holding the defense session using the link: and pdf PowerPoint to be presented in the meeting of the Graduate Education Council.

4. Registration of the proposal in the research system at: (Vice Chancellor for Technology Research of the University-Registration of research information).

5. Sending the required files to the medical school expert and receiving the code of ethics.

Steps in Dissertation Defense

1. Pursuing the final registration of all educational scores in the Sama system.

2. Conducting training workshops on Pazhoohan site and submitting print certificates to postgraduate studies.

3. Completing the forms: “Defense Session Preparedness, Appointment Request, Article Approval” to the given address at:

4. Confirmation of the postgraduate representative including: a copy of the dissertation approved by the supervisor, paper submission or acceptance. PhD students should provide two articles, one of which must be extracted from PhD dissertation, signing the defense session permission form, sending the collected files to Abbasshahedi

5. Receiving the invitation of the referees from the postgraduate studies.

6. Delivering the invitations and printing the dissertation and proposal to the judges one week before the defense.

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