May 27, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
List of Duties
Class Affairs:
-Preparing attendance list and class folder (theoretical and practical) from the beginning of each semester.
-Coordinating and following up on matters related to the presence and absence of professors.
-Determining the deficit and compensation of the classes from the 10th week onwards and notifying the professors for compensation.
-Coordinating with class representatives (students) to do things related to classes.
-Controlling of audio-visual equipment before the start of classes and during the semester and coordination with the director of administrative affairs of the faculty regarding the timely repair of equipment and accurate control of the warranty and inspection of class equipment.
 -Coordinating, following up, answering and preparing the transportation schedule of visiting professors and students. 
-Accountability, coordination and follow-up of matters related to education and classes (theoretical and practical) in all fields to professors and students.
-Appropriate information required (in the relevant boards and to the site administrator) for instructions sent from the ministry, university or changes made in the classes.
-Coordinating with teachers to attend classes on time.
-Daily check of classes and hourly attendance of professors.
Student Affairs:
-Collaborate in obtaining the required documents from new students to file.
-Completion and filing of files for new students and maintaining students' academic records.
Exam Matters
-Coordinating and cooperating in sending the relevant invitations to the exams for the professors of theoretical courses.
-Collaborating in receiving professors' questionnaires.
-Collaborate in following up, duplicating questions and preparing exam sheets.
-Collaborating on delivering questions and exam attendance lists to professors on exam day.
-Collaborating on receiving a list of grades from professors.
-Helping to hold midterm and end-of-semester exams as an examiner, multiplying questions and coordinating with the representative of the relevant class to conduct midterm exams.
-Coordinating with the person in charge of education in all matters assigned and participating in monthly training sessions.
The End 
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