May 26, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Duties of Technical Officers
Duties of Research Experts
Duties of research experts of the medical school
1. Carrying out matters related to medical and residential students' dissertations (coordinating defense time, submitting forms, holding meetings, etc.).
2. Preparing and arranging the minutes of the Research Council.
3. Controlling information of new proposals in the research system.
4. Researcher guidance for using the research affairs system.
5. Sending reviewer comments and reporting projects and issuing review certificates to reviewers.
6. Updating the research information contained in the school website.
7. Compliance of research project factors with the proposal.
8. Arranging a contract for research projects.
9. Carrying out matters related to the financial performance of research projects (follow-up, settlement, etc.).
10. Carrying out matters related to school research projects (review, submission to arbitration, plan in council meeting, concluding a contract and announcing termination).
11. Guiding faculty members to use the scientometric system.
12. Preparation and arrangement of the minutes of the ethics committee, approvals related to the minutes and their follow-up.
13. Conducting correspondence and follow-up matters related to the paragraphs of the minutes of the Ethics Committee.
14. Issuance of ethics decree in the national ethics system.
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