May 19, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Duties of Deputy-in-Research
Duties of Deputy of Research
 Duties of the Vice Chancellor for Research, School of Medicine
1. Planning and adopting appropriate policies in the field of expanding the school's research activities in line with the university's research priorities.
2. Determining the research priorities of the school with the cooperation of the educational departments.
3. Reviewing, amending and modifying the research regulations of the school based on the central regulations of the university.
4. Participating in the meetings of the University Research Council.
5. Awareness of new regulations to facilitate research.
6. Holding meetings of the research council in the school.
7 . Development of interdepartmental and inter-school research.
8. Evaluating the activities of experts in the field of research.
9. Selecting a referee for the research projects of the faculty members, providing refereeing feedback and finally modifying the research projects.
10. Approval of research plans of faculty members.
11. Sending documents and applications to participate in research congresses and study opportunities abroad to the University Vice Chancellor for Research.
12. Efforts to develop consulting services.
13. Coordination for holding workshops on research methods, article writing methods, etc.
14. Providing counseling facilities to professors and students in research fields.
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