May 26, 2022
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Research Projects
Research Projects

Completion of Research Design Questionnaire

After completing the research project questionnaire, submit it to the faculty research office.
The research project questionnaire will be sent to the faculty research office for judging and commenting to the judges appointed by the faculty research assistant through the research office.
If you receive a positive answer from the judges, you will be notified of the date of defense of the questionnaire by the research expert.
-Presentation in the Research Council
Use the standard submission form (slide) to submit the research design questionnaire to the research council.
After presenting it to the Research Council, make the corrections desired by the Council and submit the modified questionnaire to the Research Office as soon as possible.
 -Sending to the Budgeting Commission
After confirming the amendments made by the council members, the amended questionnaire along with the required documents will be sent to the University Budgeting Commission through the research office.
 -Providing Project Progress Report
Then prepare the project progress report and submit it to the research office for approval by the members of the research council. After completing the project, prepare the complete final report of the project and submit it to the research office.
After confirming the final report, submit the three copies of the plan along with the electronic file (CD) to the Vice Chancellor for Research at the Faculty Research Office.
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