May 25, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Theses and Dissertations
-Choose the topic
Look for the topic of the dissertation based on your interest. Base your interest based on solving medical scientific problems. In the initial research, you can get help from professors or the research office of the faculty. Remember that the dissertation is 6 credits whose subject and grade It is important in your postgraduate studies. If your problem is considered important in research, continue your research to solve this problem. Refer to similar studies to find a suitable way to solve this problem.
-Select a Supervisor
To find a supervisor based on your desired topic, pay attention to the professors' research line. In coordination with the relevant professor's research line, consult with him / her about the topic. In the counseling session, present the results of your resource search to the relevant professor and use the useful opinions of the professor. Postpone the final decision to another meeting.
-Determining the title of the research
With the help of the relevant teacher, complete the title approval form based on the issue and how to review it. Be sure to complete all the titles of the title form boxes in accordance with the required items. Completed forms should be at (at) Send The forms will be reviewed by research experts and after confirming the minimum standard for judging, they will be sent to all members of the relevant specialized group as well as two members of the faculty research council. A two-week deadline will be given to group members and other judges. Send your comments, whether approved or amended or rejected (with a reason) to the office of the Research Council. Pay close attention to the suggested comments to complete or improve your title. Be diligent in making possible corrections with interest.
-Completing the proposed form of the dissertation topic
After confirming the title that will be announced to you through the research office, seek to complete your research with the help of the supervisor and write the proposed thesis form (proposal). In the meantime, use the help of consulting professors. Be careful in writing the proposed thesis form (5 points out of the final score is related to defending the proposed form). Submit the proposed thesis topic form to the faculty research expert after completing it. Use the standard presentation form (PowerPoint slide) to submit the proposed thesis form to the research council, and also follow the council's proposed instructions for submission to the council. do. The problems of the proposed form will make it difficult to implement the dissertation and the main problems in its defense.
Thesis Presentation
 Have a schedule for the various stages of your dissertation to prepare the dissertation on time. Adjust the dissertation according to the dissertation writing guide and resource writing guide and together with the supervisor's approval sheet, consultant professor approval sheet, sheet Confirmation of Statistics Advisor and submit the abstract to the faculty research office to make an appointment. For defense, be sure to use the standard submission form (PowerPoint slide), and for final defense, follow the council's recommended instructions.
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