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History of Medical Physics Department, Yazd Medical School

Medical School of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd, started educational issues of training graduates who have the ability to diagnose and treat diseases and are aware of community issues and a sense of philanthropy and commitment to work conscience. In this regard, the school has provided the necessary conditions to advance the educational goals by providing the physical space along with the facilities and equipment needed for education and research. Medical physics is a relatively new field that has various missions in the field of medicine, the most important of which include: teaching the concepts and physical principles of various medical devices, especially in radiology specialties (conventional radiology, CT scan, sonography, MRI, etc.), nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, gamma cameras (PET, SPECT), and radiotherapy as well as ophthalmology, physiotherapy and surgery.

Department of Medical Physics at Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, was established in 1984 by the late Professor Hossein Tafazzoli as Biophysics and Biochemistry. This department has been one of the basic sciences departments in the medical school since the establishment of the university in 1984. The department has four laboratorys.

Two laboratories are located in the medical school to perform medical physics tests for medical, dental and pharmacy students, and two laboratories in the paramedical school to perform general physics and radiology tests for paramedical and health students. Following the correspondence made with the Ministry of Health and the visit of the esteemed Specialty Board of Medical Physics in the summer of 2012, this department succeeded in obtaining the license to set up a master's degree in the field of medical physics from October 2013.

Besides, with the subsequent follow-up, the license to launch the field of medical physics in the master's degree in the international campus of the university was obtained, and since February 2014, the recruitment of students in the international unit was initiated. According to his will, the family of the late Tafazzoli donated the personal library of the deceased, which contains about 120 books, to the department. At present, the Department of Medical Physics has 4 full-time faculty members with a specialized doctorate degree, and 1 faculty member who passes the due training course program.

The Department of Medical Physics of Yazd University of Medical Sciences teaches an average of 178 credit units per year to students of different schools of the university in specialized levels, general doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s degree in fields such as radiology, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, prosthetics, radiology technology, laboratory sciences, anesthesiology, health, immunology, nursing and midwifery, etc. Currently, the department is managed by Dr. Abolfazl Nikfarjam.
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