May 26, 2022
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Guidelines and Regulations

        Expected Outcomes of Alumni

       Graduates of this course should be able to:

       -Communicate effectively with clients, professionals and managers and interact constructively.

       -Design, implement, and evaluate training programs according to the type of audience.

       -Propose, implement, monitor, and evaluate research projects related to the field.

       -Provide diagnostic and treatment services to the audience in their field of work as a health team.


       The professional duties of the graduates according to individual roles are as follows:

       In the Educational Role

       -Designing and developing educational programs/curricula in fields related to reproductive biology, according to different audiences.

       -Teaching theoretical and practical courses in fields related to reproductive biology at the university level or other scientific centers if needed.

       -Preparation of evidence-based educational materials in various fields related to the field according to different audiences.

       In the Research Role

       -Designing, implementation, and evaluation of basic and applied research in areas related to the field.

       -Preparing research articles and presenting reports on research work done.

       In the Consultative Role

       -Providing counseling to infertile couples.

       -Providing advice to centers and hospitals in areas related to reproduction.

       -Providing advice to pharmaceutical companies and industries related to reproduction.

      The Role of Diagnostic Laboratory Services

       -Detection of eggs from follicular fluid.

       -Microscopic and molecular examinations of the fetus.

        -Sperm function tests

        -Sperm analysis

        Diagnostic-therapeutic Role

        -Microscopic examinations including egg diagnosis, egg and embryo molecular tests, sperm analysis, and sperm function tests.

         Therapeutic Role

         -Performing therapeutic interventions in the infertility team.

        Productive Role

         Participation in the production of required products such as:

         1. Culture media.

         2. Storage environments.

         3. Maturity environment.

         4. Freezing and thawing environments of cells and sex tissues.

         5. Washing environments and general laboratory buffers.

         6. Preparation and maintenance of embryonic and mature stem cells.

        Managerial Role

        -Acquiring the ability to perform assisted reproductive technologies and use them in medical centers in interaction with related clinical specialist groups.

        -Participating in the coordination and monitoring necessary to maintain the quality and quantity of ART in order to increase the success of assisted reproductive techniques in the treatment of infertile couples.

        -Participating in coordinating and supervising the preparation of information related to ART cycles and storage in databases.

  -Participating in the designing, implementation and management of centers related to reproduction.
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