May 25, 2022
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Department of Immunology

This department is the executor of part of the educational and research process of the university, which is located in the medical school. This department includes the following collections:

-General laboratory

-Cell culture laboratory

-Molecular Research Laboratory

-Department office and faculty members’ offices

-Department expert office

Educational targets include PhD students in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, continuous and discontinuous bachelor's degrees in nursing and midwifery, paramedical (laboratory sciences, operating room, anesthesia) and health nutrition and postgraduate studies in immunology, medical physics, genetics, biotechnology, parasitology, microbiology, as well as doctoral programs in genetics and reproductive biology. In addition, the faculty members of the department participate in performing some executive responsibilities and supervising research projects.

     This department seeks to provide appropriate educational and research services to students of general courses and residency, and to satisfy the owners of the process and to take steps to improve the level of education, health and health care of the community. To do so, the department has aimed at promoting the culture of improving the immunity system and promised to put immunotherapy at the forefront of its work.

      This department intends to improve its capabilities in terms of equipment and manpower, especially faculty members, healthy competition with universities and other departments in order to reach an acceptable level even in the ranks of type I universities.

       So far, with the establishment of a master's degree at present and the establishment of PHD in the future, the department will be able to pay his debts to the country. Admissions to the doctoral program show the success of this department.

      While it is hoped that the level of this group will grow even higher, of course, I am sure this vision will be realized by having two faculty members of the department passing the laboratory supplementary course and attracting faculty members through completion of legal services or employment to have a good outlook for the future. In addition to educational and executive services, the Infertility Immunology Research Center is one of the achievements of this department, which has become the source of many services.
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