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Biochemistry is a science dealing with the nature of living things as well as all vital processes at the molecular level. Therefore, the field of study of this science is all living organisms and its main purpose is to discover all vital processes at the molecular level. The part of biochemistry that pays more attention to the structure and function of the human body is called medical biochemistry.

      Medical biochemistry is divided into general and clinical branches. General biochemistry mainly deals with the structure and properties of the constituent molecules (biomolecules) as well as the vital processes taking place in the human body. Clinical biochemistry is a branch of medical biochemistry that focuses its studies on human body fluids. Its main role is to understand the normal nature of these fluids and to study its changes in abnormal conditions.

     The main purpose of clinical biochemistry is the initial diagnosis, confirmation, estimation of severity, progression and follow-up of treatment in various diseases. Biochemistry needs different methods and equipment to achieve its goals, and one of its fields of study is the invention and development of such facilities.

       Department of Biochemistry, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, started its work in 1983 with the establishment of the School of Medicine with two faculty members, an expert and 120 square meters of laboratory space. Initially, the working group provided 5 credit-hours of theoretical general biochemistry courses and one credit-hour of practical biochemistry course for medical students.

     In 1983, with the establishment of the academic major of dentistry in the university, 5 units of dental biochemistry, and in 1993, with the formation of a paramedical complex, the presentation of biochemistry courses in different fields of that complex was also assigned to this group. The Biochemistry Department, after completing its staff and equipment in 1996, requested the establishment of a master's degree in biochemistry, and in 2000, the above request was approved.

      In October 2001, with the admission of 4 students in the Master of Biochemistry program, and in October 2013, with the admission of 6 PhD students, it expanded its services. At present, the Biochemistry Department has 2 full professors, 2 associate professors, 1 assistant professor and 2 experts, and annually has about 100 courses for medicine, dentistry, doctorate, master of biochemistry, master of other fields, and bachelor’s degree. It offers biochemistry courses for students of laboratory sciences, health, nursing, midwifery, operating room and anesthesia.

     The department has significant research facilities and equipment and is ready to provide specialized research services to researchers in various fields of basic and clinical sciences. Among the specialized facilities and equipment of this group, we can use all kinds of ordinary and ultraviolet spectrophotometers, fluorimeters, facilities for performing various chromatographic methods, facilities for performing various electrophoresis and gel docking methods, performing molecular methods (Real-Time & PCR), various immunochemical methods (ELIZA), refrigerated centrifuge, rotary to make liposomes and niosomes, ultracentrifugation, etc.
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