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Mission and Perspective

Revised Objectives and Outlook of the Biochemistry Department

Mission and Goals of the Department




The field of clinical biochemistry is a scientific method that mainly studies the mechanism of physiological and pathophysiological events, methodology in the process, evaluate the analyses and interpret the changes observed in the results of laboratory tests to rely on progress. Serious advances in technology and its growing growth and development help prevent, follow up and consult in the treatment of diseases.


Vision & Perspective


Biochemistry Department seeks to train capable graduates and adhere to the principles of professional ethics and Iranian-Islamic customs and culture as one of the top departments of Medical School of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd in achieving the vision of the school designed to contribute to public health.

Our mission is improving the quality of the training program, teaching new technologies in the field of biochemistry, familiarity with new technologies and their applications, effective student presence in research and student-centered education, updating the curriculum, increasing knowledge capability of learners and expanding the field of research at the national level. It is hoped to implement educational programs in accordance with the field/section. Learners’ and graduates’ scientific-applied and research skills are at an acceptable level of expectations.


Mission Statement


Department of Biochemistry, in line with the mission of the School of Medicine, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, tries to provide education and training to help the faculty to promote community health by capable, efficient and responsible graduates.

The Biochemistry Department intends to take advantage of the facilities and capacities available in the department as well as through cooperation between departments, various academic, regional, national and international sections in the field of education, research and service delivery in order to improve the quality of education through the development of new teaching methods with an empowerment-based approach and responsive teaching to the school's share in participating in the macro-policies of the country's education system, help in the field of postgraduate education, empower graduates to acquire knowledge and increase theoretical and practical skills for effective attendance in academic and clinical research, familiarity with different technologies for using and solving technical problems in laboratories, increase knowledge of molecular diagnosis of diseases and expansion of science production at the national level.

We believe that the ethical-oriented graduates of this department will be able to use their knowledge, up-to-date clinical skills and life-long learning in his field of education while considering professional Islamic values ​​and maintaining human dignity based on scientific standards of evidence-based performance.


Objectives of the Training Program

-Biochemistry education for medical, dental, pharmacy, laboratory science, nutrition, nursing students, midwifery, anesthesiology, health and biotechnology with the aim of familiarizing students with the concepts of biochemistry and communication and its application in the mentioned disciplines.

-Training of specialized and efficient staff in master and doctoral levels to provide educational services and research to scientific and research centers and medical diagnostic laboratories.

-Acquiring the expected competencies and skills for graduates in accordance with the educational curriculum.

-Discovering, growing and flourishing students' practical and educational creations to encourage them to participate in Olympiads, exemplary students, start-ups, entrepreneurship, technology and wealth creation, etc.

-Establishing understanding and coordination at various executive and educational levels with research centers.

-Creating a spirit of participation among faculty members in department activities and planning.

-Needs assessment and review of programs and educational areas of the department, both face-to-face and virtual, using new teaching methods.

-Evaluation of department students in the areas of education, ability and attitude


Objectives of the Research Program


-Collecting research activities of the faculty members of the department.

-Determining the research priorities of the department and its purposefulness based on the upstream research priorities.

-Help to strengthen the quantity and quality of department research by providing facilities, equipment, resources, training space and research, etc.

-Carrying out applied and product-oriented research projects.


Department Goals

-Designing and monitoring and controlling the progress of educational and research programs in the department.

-Assessing the needs of the faculty members of the department and attracting the faculty in the coming years.

-Equipping the department laboratory in accordance with educational and research standards.

-Achieving a top position in the field of clinical biochemistry.

-Increasing the relationship between educational sciences and clinical application.

-Alignment of education and research based on the needs of society and especially the health system according to the above documents.


Discontinuous master's degree in clinical biology based on approved curriculum is expected at the end of the course to have acquired the following capabilities:


-Familiarity with the molecular and cellular basis of biochemistry and general knowledge related to it.

-Familiarity with ballistic biomass and molecular diagnosis.

-Familiarity with scientific sources of single and non-electronic electrons and how to use them.

-Familiarity with the methods of research and their application.

-Familiarity with the research method, designing a preliminary research plan

-Control of Phi and evaluate its results

-Familiarity with recognizing the need for a new test and set it up


Expected general and specific competencies for curriculum-based PhD graduates training to be completed at the end of the course:


-Communication-interaction skills


-Research and writing scientific articles

-Critical thinking and problem solving skills

-Evidence-based management skills (policy-making, planning, organizing, monitoring, monitoring and control, evaluation).

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