May 27, 2022
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Department News

Department News

Electronic Virtual Anatomy Table (Corpse Projector)

Two virtual dissection desks were installed in the anatomy departments of the medical school as well as the International Unit (Campus) with the cooperation and assistance of the esteemed vice chancellor of the university and the esteemed officials of the medical school.

Virtual dissection desk is an educational aid device to facilitate the understanding of anatomy and embryology courses for students of different medical sciences, with unique features. Natural bones, various plastic models, atlases and various software are reserved, but this device can be almost a relative result of the aggregation of these devices.

This device can provide all the organs of the body with high accuracy and resolution with its natural color so that professors can provide a desirable spatial visualization of the human body to teach students for deeper understanding of educational concepts. This device has features such as: very accurate models of the anatomy of the human body, accurate models of the evolution of the human embryo and fetus from 15 days to 60 days and volumetric models of the real human body.

Another unique feature of the device is that the user can use valid anatomical references (Gray and Atlas anatomy) along with 3D models at the same time and receive additional information. Other features of the device includes MRI images and CT scans with cross-sectional images of the body for training.

Other features of this software are: providing cross-sectional anatomy from all angles and sections of the human body, the possibility of taking notes and storing in the device with the possibility of recording lesson plans and holding tests, the possibility of entering text information, photos and educational videos of each university according to the curriculum, and the ability to exit 3D printing of human body and various body parts.

Adobe Connect system has also been installed on the device, through which it is possible to hold these classes virtually in emergency situations such as the outbreak of Coronavirus due to the closure of face-to-face classes, and even make the user free to use the device.

Moreover, due to the fact that in recent years, access to the dissection halls of universities has become very difficult, this device, as a new educational technology in the world, can be highly useful in deepening education and understanding in practical anatomy classes of all medical sciences.

In addition, according to the instructions of the manufacturing company, other additional training capabilities in dissection sciences and corrections of possible errors will be updated after preparation and reporting.

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