May 23, 2022
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Subspecialty Registration Process
Subspecialty Registration Process 
To be noted by those admitted to subspecialty courses
While congratulating you on your admission to the subspecialty courses of this university, we would like to inform you that you can register in person at the specialty affairs unit at the address of Professor Hesabi Boulevard, Shohadaye Gomnam Boulevard, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Yazd., School of medicine.

Documents required for registration 
1-Copy of birth certificate (all pages) and copy of national card
2- 4 pieces of photo 4x3
3- The original military service card and a copy
4- Completed forms, details of the admitted students of different fields of courses
4-1 General Information Form
4-2 Commitment form regarding employment status
4-3 Profile form
4-4 Internet form
4-5 Cultural forms 
5- Student Welfare Fund settlement
6- Evidence of having a specialized diploma
7- Presenting the position of assistant professor (final official - official probationary - contractual) for the faculty members of universities
8- Submitting a certificate of completion of obligations and the unimpeded start of the course from the Deputy Minister of Treatment of the relevant ministry
9- Submitting an agreement from the relevant organization and the order of educational mission or the order of unpaid leave for people who are employed by government departments and organizations. (Image of notarized commitment document of deposit to the relevant organization)
10- Presenting the original notarized commitment document along with the official approval letter of the University Legal Affairs Office
Note 1: If the notarized commitment document is not submitted along with the official confirmation letter of the University Legal Affairs Office, the registration of these admitted students will be refused.
Obviously, the consequences of not registering on time and starting the course will be the responsibility of the resident.
Note 2: In cases where the applicants apply for a notarized commitment document in the notary public office of their place of residence, they must first coordinate with the legal affairs office of the university of medical sciences of the place of study.
Note 3: When applying for face-to-face registration, these applicants should first go to the University Legal Affairs Office located in the building of the University of Medical Sciences in Bahonar Square and after receiving the official confirmation letter of that field along with the original document to apply for registration. .
Note 4: If there are any questions or ambiguities about how to make a notarized commitment, these applicants can make the necessary coordination with the respected legal affairs experts of the university by phone (phone number: 035-316462130 or in person).
Failure to make a special notarized commitment will constitute a waiver of acceptance at the capacity completion stage.
11- Letter from the deputy of treatment regarding the closure of the office
12- Consent of the university of service of those applicants who are serving in the universities of medical sciences of the country as an article of the law on how to provide faculty and will spend the equivalent of their approved military service until 31/6/2019 (submission Certificate from the Center for Faculty Affairs)
The End 
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