May 26, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Mission and Perspective
Mission and Vision    

The medical school as the largest and oldest medical school has played an important role in the history of science development in our country, Iran, whose graduates are serving in various parts of our country. Among them are specialized and sub-specialized education as medical education at a high level. Science is of great interest. This college currently has 17 specialty departments.
The specialty and sub-specialty education site of Yazd Medical School was set up and made available with the help of God and the efforts of the colleagues of the Medical School in order to inform the esteemed educational  wards, residents and other interested people more quickly.
Residency Affairs Unit

This unit is responsible for the affairs related to the admission of specialty residents (registration, distribution of test cards, review of registration documents, and final registration of those admitted). It is also responsible for monitoring and strictly enforcing the rules and regulations of the residency period, including student transfer and guest student/visitor, cancellation, dropout, leave, and so on. The most important activities and missions of this unit are as follows: 
Sources of promotion exam, certificate and diploma in 2012
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