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List of Duties
List of Duties 
-Carrying out administrative correspondence such as issuing academic certificates and detailed scores transcripts and certificates of the first rank and certificates issued to the areas of the military service system and certificates of studentship and other correspondence with organizations, ministries and universities of the country.
-Carrying out matters related to the registration of new entrants for master's and PhD courses.
-Carrying out accurate and fast information related to different units to different authorities. 
-Carrying out expert affairs of cases referred to the Special Cases Commission and preparing relevant minutes. 
-Doing things requested by different authorities as the case may be.
-Providing annual performance reports of graduate management.
-Preparation of volumes of regulations and circulars of postgraduate courses. 
-Administration of all educational affairs of graduate courses in coordination with the esteemed Vice Chancellor for Education and Graduate Studies of the University.
-Evaluating the scientific and practical academic progress of undergraduate and doctoral students and make decisions on their educational issues.
-Carrying out the affairs of the graduate planning committees in connection with the university curricula, changing the curriculum, developing them, preparing new curricula and revising them, and setting up relevant bylaws and instructions. 
-Carrying out matters related to the establishment of new fields of study, from the preparation of documents to the necessary coordination in the field of correspondence with the Secretariat of the High Council for Development to obtain a license.
-Carrying out matters related to the subjects and military service of male students who have not served in the military and are using the academic exemption.  
-Postgraduate education services from admission, registration, exams to graduation or expulsion, cancellation, dropout, conditional as well as free education, military service system, correspondence with the university of the students' previous education to receive academic approval, etc. and supervising the proper implementation of educational services in the faculties, research institutes and departments of the university.
-Planning for the expansion of postgraduate courses at the university in the form of university master plans and efforts to achieve it.
-Preparing and proposing sections and various educational instructions in master's and doctoral degrees with the cooperation of relevant officials. 
-Proposing the general principles of the university curricula at the master's and doctoral levels within the framework of the rules of the Office of Higher Education Development to the departments and supervising their implementation after approval.
-Collecting, organizing and sending the student admission capacity for the master's degree exam to the assessment organization.
-Studying and deciding on educational issues and planning curricula and scheduling registration and exams for master's and doctoral degrees and supervising its implementation.
-Supervising the strict implementation of the rules and regulations of postgraduate courses in colleges.
-Supervising the proper implementation of educational programs and activities of specialized courses and evaluating it and submitting a report to the Vice Chancellor for planning in the university board.
-Making the necessary arrangements for the comprehensive examination of doctoral courses (approval of the jury, introduction of the representative, approval of the examination results, etc.).
-Reviewing the proposal of presenting new courses by the faculties, approving and sending them to the University Council, the High Planning Council and then reflecting the result to the faculties.
-Reviewing the request for extension of academic years and the deadline for students to complete the project.
-Holding meetings of the University Postgraduate Council and setting the agenda of its meetings.
-Adjusting and approving regulations on regulating the stages of defending students' dissertations and conducting doctoral dissertations, doctoral exams and comprehensive exams, etc.
-Completing the forms sent by the relevant ministry regarding the privileged fields and announcing the fields with the above characteristics to the relevant ministry.
-Carrying out all matters related to the payment of tuition fees to professors.
-Preparing and publishing a collection on how to prepare, compile and write the principles of dissertations in postgraduate courses.
-Preparing and compiling statistics for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and sending them to different units.
-Continuous cooperation in sending a copy of dissertations and abstracts of graduates of master's and doctoral courses to the Scientific Information Center of Iran. 
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