May 27, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Accounting Unit
Accounting Unit

Person-in-Charge: Abolfazl Mortezayee
Technical Officers: 1. Somayeh Zolfaqari    2. Roqayeh Sadat Sahafi 
Main Duties
 1. Collection of all bylaws, instructions and regulations related to employees and retirees and updating them.
2.  Supervising, preparing and compiling mechanized lists of salaries of employees and retirees and submiting it to the Accounting Office of Funds and Credit.
3.  Cooperation with the recruitment unit to facilitate the preparation of the certificate of monthly work of the staff and the completion of the file of the new retirees of the university
4. Obtaining a certificate of monthly work of employees from recruitment and supervising the archiving of a copy of it in a desirable way.
5.  Obtaining a monthly salary list from the payroll system and submitting it to the Accounting and Credit Accounting Office.
6.  Supervising the submission of diskettes and payroll and the list of monthly salary changes to the relevant organizations.
7.  Providing cross-sectional personnel reports required by senior officials. 
8.  Monitoring and updating the mechanized information of the personal file of each employee.
9. Supervising, preparing and compiling the list and calculating the mission fee of the employees sent to the cities.
10- Supervising and preparing the list for calculating the settlement of employees' accounts.
11.  Monitoring and preparation of unused leave reserve lists; Redemption of years of service and other claims of employees at the end of the year. 
12.  Supervision and issuance of payroll accounting documents and other expenses related to employees, including years of service, etc.
13. Supervision and issuance of accounting records of employees' reserves and receivables at the end of the financial year.  
14.  Supervising the archiving of a copy of the mechanized payroll and pension lists.
15. Supervising and preparing a tax adjustment list for employees at the end of the fiscal year .
16. Performing other related tasks assigned by the Deputy of Financial Accounting according to the type of tasks that is not possible for any other person to do it
The End 
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