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Library Sections
Library Sections
The library of the medical school was established in 1983 on the site of the medical school located on Bafgh Road and includes two fields of medicine and dentistry and started working with the admission of 33 medical students. In 2009, the faculty was moved to a new location located on Shohadaye Gomnam Blv. (Boulevard of the Unknown Martyrs), and at the same time, theSchool of Pharmacy was opened in Yazd. The School of Medicine Library currently provides services to medical, pharmacy, PHD, senior and dental students up to the basic sciences level.
Number of books: At present, 16,000 titles of Persian and Latin books in the field of medicine and 1800 titles of Persian and Latin books in the field of pharmacy are kept in this place. In addition, over 1380 dissertation titles in the fields of medicine and pharmacy are kept in this collection.
 Lending: The dynamism of any library requires the provision of appropriate, continuous and up-to-date services.In other words, the identity of each library is known to users by providing its services.All activities of the library (selection, provision, organization and availability of resources) are in order to provide services to library users and most of its manifestation is in the lending section. Using the Payam-e-Mashreq software, Library Lending provides the possibility of using the available resources and also searching for resources through various methods, including through the subject of the book, the author of the book, the title of the book and other bibliographic information. The most important task, which is one of the most active parts of the library, is to lend non-reference books. Most of the books in the lending section, which are often from specialized sources, are classified into two main categories: Persian books and Latin books.
 Current activities in the lending sector: A) Book lending: Using student search computers, the client finds the information of the desired sources from the search section of the library software program, and after writing down the help number, he can go through the help sheets on the shelf. If you have not been familiar with the open shelf system, you can refer to the librarian of the lending department and ask for guidance. From the number given by the user, he/she prepares the desired document and delivers it to the client.  Book extension: The borrowers of the book, according to the return date stated in the return sheet at the end of the book, are obliged to return or renew it in due time, and in case of need for renewal, the user requests the renewal of the document from the lender. The lender's librarian extends the lending period.
 C) Settlement: All students are required  to settle the account on graduation and by submitting the membership card, the printed version of the library and the file related to it, the final settlement is done for students.

All dissertations of postgraduate and professional doctoral graduates will be sent to this section after completing the administrative formalities as well as registration and technical services (cataloging) and will be placed on the relevant shelf.
Note: Reproduction and copying of dissertations is never possible due to legal prohibition and its use is only possible in the hall.
 At present, 1380 dissertation titles are kept in the library.
Master's and PHD majors:

Senior: 1. Anatomical Sciences, 2. Microbiology, 3. Medical Physics, 4. Immunology, 5. Genetics, 6. Biotechnology, 7. Physiology, 9. Parasitology, 10. Blood Circulation Technology
PHD: 1. Reproductive Biology, 2. Biochemistry, 3. Molecular Medicine, 4. Genetics, 5. Cardiovascular Sciences.
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