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Shahid Sadoughi Trauma and Burn Hospital, Yazd

Shahid Sadoughi Hospital
With 43,000 square meters of infrastructure, it has been built on a 50-hectare land in the southeastern part of Yazd city, in an environment away from urban noise and in a quiet area. The design and mapping work of the hospital began in 1983 and construction operations began in 1985 and was completed in 2000 and finally became operational in 2001. The hospital has been constructed using five standards of hospital construction and also a combination of taste and art of Iranian architecture in accordance with the climatic conditions and desert climate of Yazd in five floors. 
Afshar Hospital
Afshar Hospital with an area of 22,000 square meters in the northwest of the province was put into operation in 1977 by the late Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Afshar. 
It is currently considered as one of the governmental medical centers in the province. This center with cardiac surgery wards, open heart operating room, internal heart, angiography, 3 CCU wards, two ICU wards and one ICU ward for heart failure, general ward, surgery room with 154 active beds and complete equipment can serve dear patients.
Comprehensive Psychiatric Center
Shahid Beheshti Taft Hospital 
Shahid Beheshti Taft Hospital is located 12 km from Yazd. The construction of this center started in 1976 and was put into operation in 1988. 
The current area of the hospital is 4000 square meters, which includes emergency ward, internal medicine, surgery, delivery, dialysis, pediatrics, general operating room, ICU, CCU, VIP, and UROD. 
The diagnostic departments of this center are: endoscopy, colonoscopy, radiology, sonography, exercise test, echocardiography, and medical diagnosis laboratory. 
Also specialized clinics for skin, heart, eyes, internal medicine, children, women, addiction treatment and nutrition counseling. 
It is worth mentioning that the land area of Shahid Beheshti Hospital is 25,000 square meters, which has 4,000 meters of infrastructure. 
Shahid Rahnemoun (Old Farrokhi) 
Martyr Dr. Rahnemoun Hospital (Old Farrokhi), which is one of the oldest hospitals in Yazd province, was established in 1314 as a health center. 
With the passage of time and the advancement of science and knowledge and the growing need for a more advanced medical center, this health center was established as a hospital in 1321 and became operational in 1326. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Farrokhi Yazdi Hospital (poet, journalist and politician of the Pahlavi era) was named Farrokhi Hospital. In 1979, the first pediatric ward in the province was established by a doctor and an Indian physician in this hospital.
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