May 19, 2022
Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Siences
Mission and Perspective

Mission and Perspective

Mission Statement

School of Medicine at Yazd Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Health Services tries to educate and train efficient, powerful, philanthropist, conscientious, and responsible medical staff on the basis of the results of applied research and local requirements (provincial, regional, and national) to promote community health via considering the national comprehensive scientific plan of action and higher order documents and observing humanistic values on the basis of professional ethics and social responsibility.

Using properly equipped educational, therapeutic, and research centers and expert and motivated personnel, it tries to contribute to major national educational decision-makings, take part in developing inter-academic, regional, national, and international cooperation in training and research and also providing services for enhancing quality of education through developing up-to-date teaching methods using an approach based on empowerment and responsive education.

We believe that the morality-oriented alumni of this school as the first line of people’s contact with the healthcare system ought to be able to fulfill their duties using knowledge, up-to-date clinical skills, and life-time learning in the field of medicine while keeping in mind the Islamic professional values and maintaining human dignity on the basis of evidence-based scientific principles.

The graduates of this school should involve themselves continually in providing high-quality healthcare and treatment  and comprehensive education using costs efficaciously regardless of patients’ age, gender, race, religion, and cultural, social, and economic status to secure and promote patients’ physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

To achieve this goal, School of Medicine has acted to develop the culture of conscious decision-making under support of university managers and contribution of faculty members, technologists, students, and graduates in an interactive milieu.

Values Governing the Medical Studies


-Education based on Islamic values and principles.

-Respecting the position and status of faculty members.

-Students’ contribution as far as possible to the promotion of educational and research goals of the school.

-Enhancing faculty members’ motivation for fulltime activity.

Goals of Educational Curriculum


-Creating motivation in faculty members to acquire supplementary training.

-Establishing reciprocal understanding and coordination at different administrative and educational levels.

-Detecting and developing individual potential intelligences and talents and creating the necessary background for its promotion.

-Enhancing practical and educational creativity at different levels.

-Creating a cooperative spirit among faculty members and personnel and increasing their contribution to decision-makings and planning.

-Needs assessment and revision of syllabi in the School of Medicine and also clinical training centers.

-Assessment and analysis of exams.

-Promoting the status of School of Medicine among medical schools in Iran and around the world.

Goals of Research Plan


-Collecting and organizing the research activities of faculty members.

-Determining the research priorities of School of Medicine through cooperation of academic departments.

-Trying to develop an appropriate research culture in educational and academic settings.

-Setting goals for pedagogic and research activities.

-Aiding in quantitative and qualitative fortification of educational research.

-Increasing applied research projects aimed at solving community problems.

Goals of Services Plan


-Creating cooperation with health facilities to promote general health and prevent diseases.

-Prioritizing the local and regional diseases.

-Designing and implementing the monitoring and controlling progress of educational, hygienic, and therapeutic programs.

-Providing services on the basis of individual respect and inter-ward and inter-department coordination among the beneficiary community.
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